Custom Woodworking

It’s in the details that makes a superior finished product. We take great pride in our ability to deliver hand-crafted woodworking perfect for any home.

San Diego Master Craftsmen offers custom woodworking in addition to custom remodeling. This includes special wood detailing and trim, as well as handcrafted furniture.

Jon Hammer, Founder and President of SDMC, has spent years perfecting the art of fine woodworking. It is another way he continues to fine-tune his attention to detail and add another element of mastery to custom remodeling.

 San Diego Master Craftsmen creates custom woodworking projects.


Jon’s attention to detail and proficiency in woodworking has generated a growing base of clients who take pride in their home and value the elegance of a handmade piece of furniture or custom moldings.

Most of the furniture pieces Jon builds are commissioned by customers with a certain need. His pieces contain the subtleties of fine craftsmanship and the feel of a handmade piece of furniture. As a general contractor, he has the unique advantage of being able to reconfigure a wall, add a niche, or customize lighting specifically for a commissioned piece of wood work.


In addition to using new wood, Jon enjoys salvaging parts of old and worn out furniture to create something new. It often takes more time and effort than using new wood, but it gives a feel and look that only old materials can produce. Also, using these old parts is a way of saving our planet’s precious resources!

 San Diego Master Craftsmen utilizes materials for every project.


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